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Organizing & Decluttering Services

Tidy Your Space, Tidy Your Mind, Bring Joy to Your Life! 

A liberating process that helps you declutter your life and organize your space so you can:  

  •     easily and quickly locate what you are looking for

  •     cut down your cleaning time

  •     focus your time and energy on more important tasks

  •     always be ready for a surprise visit

  •     create a serene home and work space

Physical Decluttering Leads to a Decluttered Mind which means: More Joy, Creativity, Efficiency, Better Choices, Less Stress and a Happier and Healthier YOU!

Living room

Our mission is to help you organize your life and experience the joy of tidy!

"The space we live in should be for the person we are becoming, not for the person we were in the past."  Marie Kondo

Tidy Paradise will take you through a life changing experience inspired by the KonMari Kondo tidying method. ​Mari Kondo is the bestselling author and organizing consultant who was named one of the 100 most influential people of 2015 by Times Magazine.

KonMari tidying method is different from other organizational methods. 
The concept is simple: you surround yourself with objects/things that bring you joy.  Tidy Paradise then helps you through the process of organizing by category such as Clothing, Books, Papers, etc. We guide the process and help you find a home for belongings that truly spark joy.

The process will impact all aspects of your life: Family & Relationships, Health, Career & Finances, Self-development/Learning, and Spiritual. It transforms you to make decisions that spark joy which will lead to a happier and healthier life.  Featured and described at NBC4 News segment about KonMari tidying method.


​To learn more about Marie Kondo, please visit:​.                                                                                


NBC4 News on KonMari method and Tidy Paradise Services


Featured in Newsy TV


Featured on Kojo Nnamdi Show


We offer our services to both residential and business/corporate clients:

Visualize your organized space and reflect on that image to stay motivated and energized to complete your tidying project. 

We start with a phone conversation to discuss KonMari tidying method and learn about your tidying goals and what sparks joy for you. Together we create a road-map to achieve your tidying goals.  Please Note: we do not offer cleaning services!


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