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About Kay

A Certified KonMari Consultant, a Yoga Instructor and founder of YogiSmile Yoga Studio, Kay is a Life-style and Organization Coach and shares the joy of Zen and Feng Shui approach to life and home decor!
Kay has a background in Economics and Education. For several years she worked as a Training Specialist developing and conducting employee induction and operational training. She has extensive practical experience in training and coaching for self-development in the areas of Time Management and Critical Thinking; working with individuals and teams to identify life and workplace challenges; offering tailored solutions; and enhancing personal and organizational skills.

 ​As a widow, and single mother of two with a demanding job, she constantly struggled to organize her home, study and workspace. With all her continuous efforts, she was unsuccessful at maintaining an organized life, until she was introduced to the KonMarie Kondo method of organization. Organizing KonMari style is methodical, practical and sustainable. It is the only method that truly sparks joy.


Combining her experience and passion for training, teaching of Yoga and KonMari tidying method, she would love to work with you to move towards an organized life which will lead to a better, happier and healthier you! 

Take the first step for a more joyful life!  Book a 15 min complementary phone consultation!

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