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Create a living and working space to surround yourself with what you love and sparks joy!

Ask for Hourly Consultation

We offer the following services to help you organize:


  •      Customized: Tailored to your tidying needs;

  •       Complete: 360 organization & decluttering;

  •       House Parties: A fun learning activity for house          parties with more than 10 guests.


  •      Workshop: Offering customized solutions and             advice to individuals & groups for organizing the         workplace, better time-management, more                   efficiency and productivity, and less stress;

  •      File Management: organize paper and digital             filing;

  •      Complete: 360 office organization and                         decluttering​.

Bright Livingroom


We can help if you are relocating, downsizing, or selling a house and require home staging, organizing your closet, or organizing your office/business

RELOCATING: Why spend hours packing, moving and unpacking items that no longer spark joy?  We can help you sort through your belongings and pack only what serves you well.

DOWNSIZING: Downsizing can be an overwhelming process! We are here to help you make it smooth and stress free!

SELLING YOUR HOUSE: We can help you stage your house for a more attractive look!

CLOSET DETOX: Wouldn't you like to have a closet that makes you smile? We can help organize your clothes by category, usage and color so it is easily accessible and visually pleasing!  You will be amazed by how much time you will save getting ready!

OFFICE/BUSINESS ORGANIZATION: We tailor to your tidying needs.


A great activity for employee retreats and house parties for groups of 10 or more, customized to the audience's needs. Requires 3-6 hours or more with individual follow up sessions.

Objective: Learn the principles of KonMari tidying method and apply it to your daily tasks to improve organizational skills such as paper/digital filing, time effectiveness and productivity.

End Result: 

  • more efficiency, which means more time for you, your business, and your family

  • an organized life and a clutter free mind that will help you be mindful, take actions towards self-development, and time management; 

  • a stress free, happier and healthier life

Cocktail Party


Once completed with your tidying project, we can visit you for refresher sessions to make sure you stay tidy and maintain a decluttered life style. 

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