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“After each tidying session with you, we feel the wonderful impact of KonMari tidying process in our home. Today, this kitchen organization was an amazing transformation. I am beyond happy! If you travel to New York, I would love to gift your tidying services to my mom so she can enjoy this incredible process, too.”

AF – Female – Filmmaker & Director

" I really enjoy that my closet is not as full and has some extra space. This is the best and smartest method of organization. Thank you KonMari”   “… through this process I realized that most of my jewelries are not suitable for my age and style anymore and don’t spark joy. I am so happy to give them away, because now it is faster and easier to get ready and choose jewelries that goes with her outfit. After tidying her books and papers the client said: “Thank you KonMari and thank you! I will never, ever let this happen to me again. I will get rid of the unwanted papers and books as soon as possible”

ST – Female – Medical Professional

“I already feel happier and lighter learning about this process and when I shop in future, I will keep in mind to only buy things that would spark joy”

FK – Female – Home Maker

“wow, this is great. Thank you so much. It is a simple idea, but I never thought of separating my work clothes for my two different jobs in separate closets. This simplifies my life”

LG – Male – Engineer and Home Builder

"The book is good but you gave life to the KonMari’s smart organization method and I could not have done it without you.”

LK – Female – Financial Specialist!

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